Monday, May 30, 2011

Table of Contents

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Party Rockin'

The Parties vs. the People: Former Congressman Mickey Edwards. Finally someone who gets it.

 I. Introduction

     a. This is a pamphlet on how to structure a third party in politics

II. Here’s Where We Are and Why Its Not Working

     a. A description of how candidates and platforms are chosen
     b. What the deficiencies of the current system are
        i. Issues are pushed from the top down
        ii. Can’t have competing voices in a party
        iii. In general, candidates vote along party lines
        iv. More reasons why not to like the current two party system

III. Here’s a New Third Party Way

     a. The mechanics
     b. Technology’s role in social networking and gathering information
     c. How you choose your candidates
     d. How you choose your platform
        i. Online surveys
        ii. Ideas aggregated across a cross section of the population

IV. Here’s Why its Better

     a. Competing voices
     b. Better candidates
     c. Issue oriented, not politician centric
     d. A true representation of people’s opinions
     e. Collaborative, inclusive
     f. Participatory through online surveys and forums run by moderators

V.  How to Conduct a Survey

VI. May the Best Ideas Win


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